Our Process

Innovative. Efficient. Affordable.

At United Drywall we give you the benefit of a tried and true process that has been honed over the course of our 60+ years serving Calgary and area. Our constant desire to improve and refine our methods has resulted in the highest level of technical production and product know how. We believe in value and innovation and these values are reflected in how quickly we can do a job, do it right and do it without issue.

Stage One


Our insulating crew are the most knowledgeable in the business with over 800 years combined experience. A one-step process, we fully super seal each location and utilize our in-house spray foam to ensure a quality job.

Stage Two


Our large-scale production crews mean we get the job done quickly and have the capacity to tailor a crew to your specific site. With the ability to finish 10,000 feet per day we promise speed and quality. And we don’t hook the windows!

Stage Three


All our skilled tapers have in excess of 20 years’ experience. Our large-scale production crews ensure efficiency and our commitment to providing a full 3 coats and a thorough site inspection ensure the job is done right the first time.

Stage Four


Our Gypson based primer is an exclusive product to United Drywall. It takes the sheen out of the walls and removes all texture difference. The amazingly quick BaseTec application will result in the best walls you’ve ever seen – hands down.

Stage Five


Our two-stage texture process results in high production, output and volume. We guarantee no stapled poly and no damage to your fresh new walls.

Stage Six


Our quality control is second to none. A 300-watt light check on all walls and ceilings ensures no discrepancy escapes the notice of our crew.



Our full-time in-house safety officer is on hand to ensure the job site remains incident free. Hazard assessment and inspections are completed through our innovative in-house app. All our trades are pre-screened and safety certified and we have achieved the lowest WCB rate based on our impeccable safety record.